Well-Woman Care


What’s a well-woman exam? Goodness, if you don’t know, you probably need one! Well-woman care incorporates general health checks and screening tests for both overall health and female-specific health.
We will ask about general health questions at most visits and whether you need certain screening tests such as a Pap test or mammogram. In many ways, well-woman care is incorporated in all that we do, but some of the screening and possible referrals can be added on in a yearly fashion as appropriate for each individual patient.

Birth Control

Birth control can be a very important aspect of women’s lives and should not be overlooked.
We offer many types of birth control including, but not limited to…

Birth control pills with the option for monthly, every three month, or yearly periods
Vaginal ring
IUD (intrauterine device)

Bone Health, Osteoporosis Concerns

Osteoporosis often does not raise appropriate concerns in many women and men. Over time, and especially after menopause, bones thin leading to compression in the spine with a possible decrease in height, and fragility at the hip. Osteoporosis is sometimes called a “silent killer” because women and men do not realize they have osteoporosis until they suffer a hip fracture. Hip fractures are harmful and often do not heal well when the bones have become quite thin, such that complications from hip fractures kill more women in the US than breast cancer each year. The main way to prevent osteoporosis is with hormone therapy as both estrogen and testosterone strengthen bones. But if you cannot take either of these hormones, there are other possible treatments. Don’t let osteoporosis sneak up on you! Do what you can to keep your bones strong, allowing you to live a more active long life.